Kids Learn 2 Dive Class Information

Information on Learn To Dive Classes


Our “Learn to Dive” program is designed to offer the sport of diving to anyone who is interested. Through a series of beginner classes athletes can participate in the sport recreationally without the pressure of competitive involvement or can progress into our comprehensive competitive programme.


At our state of the art facility in Oaklands Park we offer learn to dive classes 6 days a week. Our program runs in line with ther school term, commencing on the Saturday before school returns and concluding on the Sunday after the last day of term. Classes are booked by Skill levels as per below, Intro to diving classes aso include learning the rules and safety of the dive pool.

Intro to Diving - new divers, badges 1, 2, 3
Learn 2 Dive - intermediate divers, badges 4, 5, 6
Learn 2 Dive Plus - advanced divers badges 7, 8, 9 


All our diving classes are able to be booked online through the 'Training Sessions' tab. You must be logged in to view this page.



Information on Fees


There are effectively 3 costs to consider when signing up for diving:


  • Annual Membership Fees (for 1 July to 30 June)
  • Term Tuition Fees
  • Pool Entry costs

Details of these costs are outlined below.




The Diving SA membership year runs in line with financial years. Membership is mandatory for all participants in Diving SA programs and activities (including: divers, coaches, employees and volunteers). Membership incorporates registration with Diving Australia (via a capitation fee), to provide Diving SA members with limited Professional Indemnity and Personal Accident cover.

Membership Fees 2023/2024

Term 3 2023 - Term 2 2024        $200

Term 4 2023 - Term 2 2024        $150

Term 1 2024 - Term 2 2024        $100

Term 2 2024  -  only                       $50

No single term memberships are available except Term 2 2024

Membership - Join Now! 

Once you have completed your registration, you will receive an email with your account details for the Diving SA website. After logging in, you will be able to view the 'Training Sessions' tab and you will be able to book your lessons and view lesson availability.




Diving is a sport the relies on development of muscle memory therefore the more you do the more quickly you progress. Many of our learn to divers start off at one session a week, and then as they progress they pick up additional sessions. The current schedule of Term Fees is available on our fees page.


2023/2024 Fees


It is important to point out that Diving SA does not offer make up lessons for lessons missed due to member's reasons. In the event of illness or injury, some arrangement for recompense will be considered upon presentation of a physician’s certificate.  Please review the Member's Finance Policy for additional information.



The pool entry fee is set by the South Australian Aquatics and Leisure Centre (SAALC) and is separate to Diving SA’s fees. Two options are available to discuss with facility staff, which are membership with the centre or multi-visit passes. This information is also available on the SAALC website at

Progression To Squads Diving

Our squad progression is the next step in your diving career. During and at the end of each term one of our coaches will assess the divers and we may offer places in any of our squads. Diving as a member of one of our squads is by invitation only.