Aims - Prevention and Deterrence of Doping Practices

Diving South Australia Inc (DSA) is committed to the prevention and deterrence of the use of doping practices in the sport of diving.

DSA, through its membership of Diving Australia Inc (DA), has adopted the FINA approved Swimming Australia Anti-Doping Policy (Anti-Doping Policy).  (DA is an affiliated organisation of Swimming Australia and the Anti-Doping Policy therefore applies to DA and its members.  DSA is a member of DA, and the Anti-Doping Policy therefore applies to DSA.)

Commitments by DSA Board

The Board of DSA commits to each of the following:

  • to abide by the provisions of the South Australian Drugs in Sport Policy;
  • to actively develop and implement drug education and intervention programs for its members, appropriate to their age, role and responsibilities;
  • to take all reasonable steps to ensure that diving members of DSA comply with the Anti-Doping Policy; and
  • to support the testing of divers by providing the Australian Sports Drug Agency (where applicable) with athlete and event details as well as with regular updated 'Athlete Whereabouts' information.



For further information about anti-doping rules and regulations, please visit the ASADA website www.asada.gov.au or call the ASADA Anti-Doping Hotline on 1800 020 506. The ASADA Anti-Doping Hotline is now operating seven days a week from 8am to 8pm (AEST).

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